From living rooms and home offices to basements, bedrooms, closets and entire home renovations.

Our Full Home Design Process

Renovating in New York City can be difficult without the proper team of professionals. You will need several key
players to complete a project successfully and this is why we have created a team of trusted professionals to
take care of every aspect of your renovation. At Four Square Renovations we have permit specialists, Manhattan
home design experts, skilled architects and project managers, and a team of contractors that can execute the
demolition, construction, installation, and completion of projects of any size.

WHY CHOOSE Four Square Renovation

We do everything so you don’t have to. Our turnkey all-inclusive approach keeps projects on time and on budget. With our approach, you know exactly what you are paying for up front rather than having an open ended question mark to the cost of your renovation. Schedule no-obligation home consultation. Meet our experienced team of designers, consultants, project managers, contractors and field crew. You’ll come away knowing you’ve met people who care about your project and will do it right.


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